Our Mission

Oceans of Calm is a wellness center that specializes in conscious coaching and energetic alignment for positive growth.

We partner with you on your path to awaken in you, and reflect to you, your unlimited potential.

Blending high-vibrational teachings & perspectives with various energy healing modalities, NLP, and keen intuitive gifts, we provide a unique and powerfully grounded approach for forward motion.

We show you the tools to transform your life or business.

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Message of the Week


Dear ones, you have heard so many times that there are signs everywhere, have you not? And there are for sure. There is a deeper level, though, to these signs. This depth we speak of expands your conscious awareness about just how much grace you have as a human. This level is called the Grand Intersection of All Life.

At this depth of spiritual awareness, the aspirant begins to not only see the signs, but begins to KNOW without the intellect how ALL of their experiences are interconnected with their other experiences, as well as with everyone else’s. This is where

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