Yoga Schedule Week of 8/13

9:30am   Alignment Flow   Colleen
6:15pm  Elixir  Colleen

9:30am   Alignment Flow  Colby
11:15am   Gentle Level 1 Victoria
6:15pm  HOT 50  (60 min) Colby

9:30am   Alignment Flow  Colby
11am   Good Morning Meditation & Reiki  (45 min) Colleen
6:15pm  Elixir  Colleen

9:30am   Seaside Heated Vinyasa Victoria
6:15pm  Seaside Heated Vinyasa  Victoria

9:30am  Alignment Flow Colby
11am  Reiki Restorative  Colby

9:30am  Seaside Heated Vinyasa Colby

9:30am  Alignment Flow  Victoria 
11-12pm  Gentle Level 1  Victoria

Our Teachers

Meet Brian
Brian’s interest in Eastern sciences and philosophy began while still in high school in Warwick, New York. After moving into NYC to attend the School of Visual Arts to study photography, his passion for yoga came alive after September 11th. Brian discovered for himself the powerful healing benefits of yoga, and soon after, yoga quickly became an integral part of his daily life and has remained a staple throughout the years. He is always reading and learning about its many different facets including Ayurveda, Tantra, Yin and Restorative yoga. He has studied under the Sivananda and Iyengar traditions, as well as others, but views his own style as eclectic. Brian is a certified RYT-500 through Yoga Alliance, and is also certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork and Aromatherapy. Brian is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness, and holds workshops demonstrating the healing properties of yoga for Anxiety and PTSD. He currently lives in Passaic county, NJ with his wife and son, with another son expected in the Fall of 2017!

Meet Colby
Colby, E-RYT 500, has been following her passion for the last decade teaching group classes, workshops, and international yoga retreats, and leads the yoga training programs at Oceans of Calm. She also works one on one with individuals as a Personal Mastery Coach and Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher, helping them to cultivate greater peace, fulfillment and joy in their lives.

“Teaching yoga truly is my heart’s passion and purpose – and my practice, an intimate act of relationship to life, breath, and connection to spirit. I am inspired everyday to help others unlock the magic and peace of their breath, mind, and body bringing greater presence, freedom, and depths of love and connection into their lives.

I was first introduced to yoga through a Bikram class on the Upper East Side in New York City, in which I left feeling profoundly transformed in some beautiful and freeing way.  Being a classically trained dancer of 25 years, this new and exciting way of breathing, being and moving deeply inspired me. This led to my 500-HR training with senior teachers Chrissy Carter and Jodie Rufty of YogaWorks NYC and to my decade of studies with a spiritual teacher who has profoundly and positively impacted my life in ways I could not have imagined.

My practice and my teaching consist of purposeful, precise, passionate, pranayamic-based fluid action and movement.”

Meet Colleen
Colleen loves and practices yoga to find her connection with Spirit, Mind, Body, and Breath.  It is within this connection she is reminded of her true self – the attainable peace that exists within.  Helping others find a sense of inner peace and balance in their life, is her passion.  Colleen is inspired to teach yoga, with the hope she can give back to her students what she has been so incredibly blessed to receive from her teachers.

Meet Morgan
“I am Morgan Gray from Tuxedo, New York, a young woman blessed to have found yoga at an early age. I am first and foremost a student of yoga despite assuming the role of teacher. We are all on a life long journey of self discovery. Yoga has, and continues to, change my life as I discover more and more about my own being. I feel honored to be able to facilitate the transformational gift that is the practice of yoga to those who seek its guidance. Namaste.”

Meet Victoria
Victoria is inspired by the magic that’s cultivated through bringing awareness to the breath and mindful body movement together. Victoria teaches a mindful flow with focus on breath and alignment. She believes yoga is for everyone and in the power of Love.

After diving deeper into the studies of yoga with Colby Rolando at Oceans of Calm yoga studio, where she received her 200-HR training, Victoria is grateful & honored to be here to connect & share yoga with you.

“From the awareness of my breath my mind quiets, a sense of calmness overcomes my entire body and space opens up within me which allows me to feel the energy of connectedness that exists between myself and everything. I am reminded we are all one.” -VW